Curiosity, our eyes in Mars

Curiosity is the rover that has landed to Mars few days ago. Probably this is the biggest NASA’s achievement  in recent years, in times when the agency has suffered big cuts in its financing.

It was the famous ‘7 minutes of Terror’ from JPL Control Center, when Curiosity realised a risked landing.

Curiosity, helped by satellites MRO and ODY will send dates of Gale crater to the Earth, such as radiation, chemical composition of Mars and others with wich it can be analyzed if life has existed in Mars. NASA selected this zone because there are more options to find useful information.

Everybody hopes that this rover will ask questions about the red planet. Manned missions are not priority, in fact there isn’t date for this kind of journeys. Maybe when China can risk the hegemony of the space which NASA has since many years, the United States want conquer Mars. While this don’t occur, we have many doubts to solve yet.

Congratulations to NASA!

Rover Curiosity

Other interesting sources: Alt1040,

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